Salsa, Bachata, and Sniffing Trees

Salsa, Bachata, and Sniffing Trees

My dog, Deuce, has been taking dance lessons the last few months.  He is so excited about this new opportunity for hanging out with other dogs, and some sexy ones.

Initially, Deuce was concerned that his passion for this new creative outlet would rob precious time from his other interests – sniffing trees, rolling in the grass, humping at the dog park, lying comatose for hours on one of his floor rugs.  But to his surprise all of his tried and true dailies are that much sweeter for having incorporated dance into the routine.  His muscles are stretched and worked, so relaxation time feels nicer.  The exercise has his dog sexy going so they can’t refuse him at the park.  And sniffing, well, Deuce will just ALWAYS find time for sniffing.

Perhaps there is some lesson to be learned here for us human types of the creative persuasion.  It is so easy to equate amount of time spent on our craft with dedication and commitment.  But time spent AWAY from our creative work is pretty important also.  For example, the problem solving we can engage in, be it at day jobs, around the house, in social situations, strengthens a critical skill set, highly transferable to our creative endeavors.  Additionally, we give ourselves an experiential reboot by diving enthusiastically into a variety of daily pursuits.  The learning derived from a daily life lived with joy, commitment, focus, intensity, offers fresh fodder for our creative process.  We are not drained by upping our daily game.  We are supercharged.

Deuce highly recommends dance, and particular the latin styles, as a new creative outlet for you.  But if dance is not your thing, he suggests, at the very least, to begin sniffing around the trees.

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Keep Cranking It Out!

4502_Artist-LadySometimes we spend inordinate amount of time on a single project.  I did recently on a track, and you can check it out here: Stars Collide ft Stephanie Kay Hussar

In my case the time was mostly well spent.  I pushed through to a higher level in several aspects of composition and production.  But spending several months on a project is not always a good idea.  Sometimes it is helpful to simply go through the creative process as much as possible.  I want all the steps to become second nature.  I want to execute them quickly.  I want the discovery and the refinement of each step to grow naturally out of the process itself – each repetition like the peeling of an onion skin – revealing something new, fresh, more impactful.

Increasing output for the sake of refining process is quite different than refining a single track.  Refining a single track is about striving for some artistic perfection in the particular creation.  Nothing wrong with that.  Refining process, though, is about refining the tools of creation.  Refining process is a broader brush way to approach perfection in particular work.

There is a nice side benefit to cranking more stuff out more quickly.  The approach lends itself to a more consistent and continuous conversation in the public forum.  It also lends to keeping in more regular touch with fans.  There is something new to talk about, and more often.

Now is a wonderful time for me to build community around my work by making more of that work available more frequently.  And now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I will write something!  Hope you are jumping on it as well!  Regards!


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There is no audio yet for Serbian artist Danijela’s violent abstract. The title, ‘Bloodsport’ is my own, not the artists. So far there has been no objection.

There is splattering energy in the painting. A glob of red and black paint in the upper left appears flung onto the canvas. The splashes, like blood and entrails, travel south and east.

The slash of white offers energy in the opposite direction – into that principal blob of red and black. In fact I can see the dog, or the beast in this white streat. The open mouth seems ready to take a bite.

I am amazed at Danijela’s capacity for emotional expression. The painting suggests to me the moment after violence erupts. It is the still hot after party to conflict and confrontation.

I challenge my friends in the independent composer communities to write tracks for this art. We will set up a contest and see who wins a print of ‘Bloodsport’

Prints of ‘Bloodsport’ are available through my Facebook shop, here:

Dan Goldstein

Wordpress blogger, Harrisburg, PA Dan Goldstein

Nice to find free stuff like this now and then


Terranova 3


Terranova means New Earth. Your blogger’s narrative for this painting, however, is about the onset of deep sleep. Perhaps it is Terranova in the sense of sleep’s gift of renewal. The circle of blue is the thoughts which accompany us as we lay down to sleep. They swirl around gently, slowing and slowing as we sooth ourselves in bed with prayers of gratitude, thoughts of forgiveness for self and others.
In the painting, lines of blue and purple push upward and leftward against this swirling circle of thought. Like hormonal secretions of melatonin, these lines push against consciousness, against pain, and into a cottony bed of oblivion, like the white cottony section of Danijela’s canvas.

Danijela herself offers an alternative explanation:
“When you meditate in relation with the earth you become different, but the earth is changing also-through meditation becomes a new earth and a new man…Blue is the color of spiritual and red color symbolizes the remnants of the material.”

It seems the dream of sleep corresponds to the artist’s notion of meditation. Both can be catalysts for change, as they reveal insights from a deeper consciousness. It is fitting that the red, the remnant, exists in the bottom right of the canvas. With the artist’s words, we see evolution, even directional flow in the painting. From the material, the red patches, we transition to lines of purple (towards the spiritual) and then into the full spirituality and revelation of the blue.

Danijela also contributes the project’s audio component. Succumb to trance. Breathe the air. Feel the energy. Let go of the material, of the painting’s red. Make your journey upward to the spiritual, to the G-dhead.

May these words and this music accompany you each time you enjoy Danijela’s painting.

Prints are available of Danijela’s ‘Terranova 3’ in my Facebook Shop here:

Dan Goldstein

Wordpress blogger, Harrisburg, PA Dan Goldstein

Nice to find free stuff like this now and then


The Lion


If I were an abstract crouching lion, I would certainly want my supporting audio track to suggest either my roar, or my jungle, or both. At the very least, I would hope for a certain strength, a certain tension, a certain wildness.

It would be an entirely different matter if the artist had not named the painting The Lion. If that were the case, interpretive options would likely multiply. Then perhaps the composer sees not a crouching lion but a Christmas tree, or a table in a French cafe, and musical decisions would run apace.

But the fact is our artist named the painting. For some of us, at least, a deference to that specification of subject creates an imperative which guides creative choices. Therefore the audio does in fact include obligatory native grunts, a sort of abstract jungle ambience, and a sustained tension.

The painting by Serbian artist and composer Danijela Jovik is ambiguous not only for its abstraction. If we do embrace the figurative premise of a lion, we must then wonder if the lion rests or prepares to pounce. The latter scenario seems more likely since the hind is elevated, the stomach raised, the head attentive.
The audio however does not seem to weigh in on the question of the lion’s intentions.

We are fortunate to be offering prints of several abstract paintings by Danijela Jovic.

A print of The Lion is available through my Facebook Shop, here:

Dan Goldstein

Wordpress blogger, Harrisburg, PA Dan Goldstein

Nice to find free stuff like this now and then


Awakening Your Senses


Photographer Shelley Neff captures light on water along the river shore. Truly that light seems intent on spreading her gift to the shore and up the gentle slope to the firs. For the shrubs and grasses all seem aglow, as if electrically charged. But even as we sense this energy of spreading light (it is a cool, cleansing, refreshing feeling), the photograph also conveys a deep sense of hush. It may be that a hidden bird will venture a short whistle. Perhaps a cicada or a cricket will chirp from within the brush. But we will need to bend the ear for it.
Finally, not to let wonderful color schemes go unrecognized, we notice with delight the symmetry of colors in river and sky. Dark purples of clouds find their peers in shadowy patches of the water. The sky’s brighter blues are likewise matched below.
How does the Bill Madison audio track, with it’s fast strumming, finger picking, and assertive vocal, align with our gentle photo? Clearly the music does not choose here to paint the picture in sound. Rather, the music is the story of a man’s relationship to the river. Bill’s lyric describes the lifestyle informed by the river’s tranquility and purity. Here money is of little value. We live simply. We live in harmony with nature and one another.
We glean from Shelly’s keywords that this photo was snapped somewhere in Maine. But this river shore could easily be the Blogger’s hometown Susquehanna River. And perhaps for each of us it could be a place nearby, where we can retreat, at least sometimes, to share in the values of harmony and simplicity so eloquently expressed in the song.

Prints are available of Danijela’s ‘Death Cycle’ in my Facebook Shop here:

Dan Goldstein

Wordpress blogger, Harrisburg, PA Dan Goldstein

Nice to find free stuff like this now and then


Death Cycle


I see the frontal shadow of a black motorcycle on the right bottom portion of the canvas. I imagine two scenarios in this bold, even violent abstract by Serbian artist and composer Danijela Jovic. On the one hand, motorcycle and rider have been squashed against a white wall. Oil and blood splatter. Or perhaps we tilt the entire viewpoint 90 degrees, such that motorcycle lies flat on the ground, front wheel turned upwards. The rider is off the canvas – likely unconscious on the ground. Blood and oil form streaks on white snow.

The audio of Hugues Racine aka ‘Stale’ is hard hitting but extremely upbeat. Hugues shares that the track was written in memory of a friend who died in a motorcycle accident. The track is the biker’s celebration of freedom. Clearly the composer opted to celebrate his friend’s life in the track. But how to reconcile the harsh, violent brushstrokes of the painting. Or does the music lead you to a completely different response to the visual?

The painting speaks of a wipeout. I see the black outline of a motorcycle in the lower right corner. It seems the rider slammed into a wall and the forward energy is conveyed in grotesque splashes of blood and oil against the white surface. It is a dramatic, if tragic ending to a life well-lived – a life which took freedom by the handlebars and rode it for all it was worth.

And surely this is at least one connection we can make between Danijela’s painting and the celebratory rock track of Canadian rocker Hugues Racine. We learn from Hugues that he wrote his track – ‘In Speed’ – in memory of a friend who died in a motorcycle accident. But Hugues does not reflect upon the violent end, but rather the assertive and exhilarating life.

Expanding like a flame, the speed of sound I chase. Sailing down the road, I’m in control. The wind is in my face, nothing can go wrong (In speed, I belong. So free, can’t go wrong.) The colours are passing by, like a blurry scene. Nothing’s in the way. I’m in control. Nothing’s stopping me, nothing can go wrong. (In speed, I belong. So free, can’t go wrong.) . . . IN SPEED I BELONG . . .

Prints are available of Danijela’s ‘Death Cycle’ in my Facebook Shop here:

Dan Goldstein

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