Creative Cycle: More on Compression of the Creative Project Cycle

03 May

Suppose you are a composer who is also a webmaster on the cusp of a successful site which presents art with music.  There are several aspects to your creative work – all of which drive towards presentations on your website of artworks with accompanying audio.

selection of audio

selection of art

Selection of art is completely wrapped up with the keywords on which you have chosen to optimize the website.  Once the site is being recognized by the search engines (i.e. – pages being indexed), which implies that a certain level of logic and interconnectivity has been achieved on the site, then the key to competitiveness is to maximize content on the chosen subjects (keywords).

For example, say you are competing with Space art – specifically images of planets, spaceships, nebulae, stars, moons, suns, globular clusters.

You would be well advised to restrict yourself to this already aggressive list of Space art subjects and continue to find more examples of them.  Each time you optimize another page with one of the subjects above, you have strengthened your competitive position on the internet vis-a-vis other Space art presenters.

To move quickly in this process, you have been cultivating a small group of composer relationships.  These composers are enthusiastic about the site and are willing to either write new work for the site or allow you to edit existing works for presentation on the site.  In addition, ouy compose my own music for presentation.  However, these composers already have rich existing bodies of work, and also have mastered (and compressed) their own production cycles, such that a new piece can easily be generated in a week or so.  This is the time, in your own compressed mass production cycle, to leverage those relationships and tap in to a lot of available music for the site.

Likewise, you have a small group of artists who have been supportive of your work, and also with whom you have been networking on Facebook and Twitter.  Now is the time to look specifically at the portfolios of these artists and see which of their pieces connect to the subjects (keywords) on which you am competing.

Finally, you have settled into a kind of format for presentation on the site that seems to be well-received technically by the search engines, so you will not be re-thinking formatting for a while.  You will take art/music combinations and get them onto the site quickly.

This is the work of compressing a production cycle.  It is important to recognize that while there is still creative thought driving this process, it is not the rich exploration of new concepts, and learning – driving towards personal creation of a new thing.  And as artists we need to be engaged in that process even during these necessary periods of intense mass production.

So there is some discipline involved here – we must continue our own personal process of development as artists – we must find time to breathe and create the new.  But ironically, because the pressure is off  in terms of requiring your own contributions during the compressed mass production cycle, your own personal creative process can “breathe” a bit easier.


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