Creative Cycle: Discovering Best Marketing Practices

29 May

Our Composer of Music for Art is looking for art this morning.  Sometimes the music needs to find the art and sometimes the art inspires the creation of the music.  This morning, finished musical compositions are in search of art.  The music suggests african tribal dance.  The repetitive beats are somewhat trance inducing.  One composition is dark in mood.  The other is a bit brighter.

So off she goes on her internet hunt for suitable visual matches.  As she hunts for art, she discovers new art websites, and she adds reviews of these sites to her own art site    This webstite discovery process is a rich learning opportunity.  This search for art should not be rushed.  She learns about new ways to present art.  She learns about new artists and how they describe their works.  This process of describing art is critical on several levels.  The first level is that of website optimization, a key component of online marketing.  Websites need lots of effective narrative on which internet shoppers can search.  Beyond this, the artsite developer needs to constantly expand his art vocabulary in order to properly classify and promote the works she presents.

So this morning our Composer of Music for art lingers on two wonderful artsites of african artists – Chidi Okoye (Nigerian born and Vancouver, Canada resident) and Kenyan Jonas Jeque  What different sites these artists maintain.  One site is simple slideshow presentations of a small portfolio of dance, acrobatic and animal images.  The other site is prolific with content, and with narrative describing the content.  Pricing is aggressively placed and the ads are very sexy.

The thoughts of our Composer of Music for Art go to her own financial goals with her website.  The whole idea, financially, is to draw sufficient traffic to make placement of advertisement a significant source of revenue.  Will she go for the sexy ads if they are available to her?  How far will she be willing to compromise the esthetics of her site in order to place the ads?  When will she take a break from her composition and content development work to confront the formatting and other technical issues which surely await her when she becomes involved with ad placement?

The art search takes on a larger purpose for our girl.  The search connects to the larger process of strategic marketing and promotion.  Our girl always has a moment of panic when she imagines herself pulled too far from what she perceives as her creative work.  “This business of business is such a pain,” she thinks.  But then she reminds herself that she is fact very much engaged creatively at these points in her creative cycle – these points of finding best practices to share out finished product.  Her decisions during this marketing work go to the very heart of what she hopes to convey with her music.  She wants to strengthen the experience of visual art with music.  She wants to motivate an art browser, with her music, to click over to an artist site and shop, and buy!  When she remembers this essential purpose of her creative work, she is reminded how critical it is to create effective pairings of music and art.  And when she remembers this, she understands how important it is to understand the visual art better, and to understand all the relevant aspects of effectively presenting visual art online.  For her music must become an essential component of this system of best marketing practices.

You can fully appreciate and value these points in your creative cycle of finding best ways to share out finished work.  These points are opportunities for important reflection, review, of what you are trying to convey in your creative work, and how the marketing strategy supports the message, the meaning, the purpose in your work. You will make wonderful, innovative decisions about how to best promote your work and you will be enriched through all the learning  you experience while creatively wearing your “business” hat.

spark on!


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