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21 Jun

When you are connected to Creative Force well beyond yourself, as an artist, you are driven and propelled forward by a Will that is not your own.  There is an inevitability about the course of your daily life – every day you walk a path that leads, and most days takes you, to the point in that day where you are connecting actively in a creative way.  That means, for some, that brush is touching canvas, for others that creative thought is finding expression in written word, for others that creative thought is finding expression in pounding on the keyboard, recording the guitar.

There are points in your creative cycle when you need to take a break – to step away from your project – to permit yourself to slack off a bit, catch your breath, be bad!  For our Composer of Music for Art, this generally means taking time out to visit with a boyfriend, to have a few beers, shoot a game of pool.  Generally when she returns to her project, she is clearer about what she is about, where she is going, what next steps are.

But generally also, the ground  has shifted a little.  Perhaps she has some unexpected activity on her website which needs some attention.  Perhaps some new social opportunity has opened to her which requires some response and attention.  Perhaps some unexpected recognition to her blogging requires some attention.  Because of her break, her relaxed state, the clarity of her self-vision, she understands fully all the positive implications of these new developments.  She understands fully all the steps that are needed to fully capitalize on these opportunities, even as she better understands the work lying before her in current works in progress.

And she becomes overwhelmed, obsessed with the revelations of the moment.  Her heart begins to pound.  The furrow in her brow deepens.  Her breathing is hard, and lots of sighing.  Her typing is a pounding.  Her moment of clarity, or presence in the moment to take the one next step, has yielded to a rush of unorganized thoughts about all the recent activity which demands her attention.  Her mind is racing now.  She is ready to jump overboard, to forget all the practiced steps and daily rituals which keep her moving forward in a gentle and productive way, and to make some radical, compulsive move.

The gift given to you as an artist – the revelation of inner meanings and an ability to convey that meaning in concrete forms, is a powerful and at times potentially overwhelming experience.  Especially after breaks, when you have temporarily left your work routine, you are on the one hand refreshed and clear to receive the revelation, but on the other hand also subject to becoming more than usually impacted by that revelation.  You may begin to obsess on the new ideas, or the clarity of old ideas that you are experiencing, rather than allow the clarity to filter through as you proceed with your daily routines, both creative  and mundane.  Or worse, you determine that this new level of revelation demands some radical departure from your tried  and true rituals, so you jump ship and create a mess with some sort of compulsive response to the heightened revelation.

But our Lady of Music for Art has somewhat made her peace with these challenging moments.   She has come to rely deeply on her daily rituals, especially her 7:00 am cutoff to start blogging, as a way to harness, to productively channel whatever powerful emotions she is feeling.    Counter intuitively, it is these moments of most intense feeling that call for the support of tried and true daily routines.  Our tried and true routines serve as a filter, as a harness, for these powerful Creative Forces, these Revelations, these gifts from the Creator, which are surging through us.

Enjoy these moments.   Through a recommitment to your daily routines, you will channel this new level of revelation, this new level of creative insight.  Take pleasure in observing the amazing new level of your work.

Spark on!


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