Creative Process: Baby Steps

25 Jun

Our Composer of Music for Art, a fine looking lady, in great shape tall and leggy, with long raven hair just tinged with silver, enjoys her morning walks with Deuce, the gentle Spaniel muse.  As she observes Deuce, living his beautiful in the moment Spaniel life, she also arrives, at least for a few minutes, back in the present moment.  For it is in the present moment that creative conception, creative thought, occurs.

But what to do with the wonderful conceptions that arise in her mind during these precious morning moments with Deuce?  The process of transforming creative thought, creative conception into concrete form is stepwise and sometimes agonizingly tedious.  Often we don’t even know at the outset how, technically, we will achieve this transformation.  More often than not new conceptions will require new learning for successful execution.

And then it is a matter of taking patient baby steps, first through the learning, and then through the execution, to arrive at a concrete expression of our new concept.

Over the weekend our beautiful Composer shacked up in a Motel 6 in Pittsburgh.  Other than a party Saturday night – a wonderful art showing at a tatoo studio, our lady was involved with updates to her website, including brainstorming important expansions to the website.  The most important expansion was the development of an Artists Alley page.  This page would provide links to all of the Artist Portfolio pages, to the Offer and Commitment page which lays out what her website does for the artists, and finally, provides discussion on the artist’s creative process, with links to her blog – “The Creative Process.”

She conceived a beautiful presentation.  She would find an image of an alley, or an alley wall as it turns out, and use this image as a background for a block of her homepage.  She would then create attractive text links on top of this alley image which would take her viewers to the Artists Alley page.  The conception required some significant new learning, however, to execute.  Our girl needed to discover coding which would set the image as a background in a block of the page, and then she needed to discover how to create text links, and finally she needed to review the formatting elements for text, including diagonal and horizontal presentation of texts.

The process of moving from conception to learning to execution took place, and is taking place over several days.  The first of many baby steps along the way was hunting out a useful website for HTML coding.  The next baby step was facing up to the fact that none of these coding websites are perfect, occasionally there are errors in the coding, so cross-referencing is necessary.  This turned out to be the case – the coding for a file reference had an error and our girl discovered through cross-reference the necessary correction.

Progress on execution was also broken down into a balancing act between creating the link on the homepage to the content page (Artists Alley page) and creating the content itself.  So another baby step was creating simple content on the Artists Alley page, including a simple linked list of artist portfolios.

You will discover, as you journey from creative thought, to learning, to baby steps of problem solving and execution, that there will be more than one moment of walking blind, feeling your way through a dark tunnel, not completely certain of how and where the light is to be found on the other side.  But be comforted and take satisfaction in these moments of supposed “darkness”.  These are your moments of greatest connection to Creative Forces beyond you.  You are fully engaged in the creative process as you struggle for solutions.  You have generously sacrificed your self for the sake of creative discovery – discovering knowledge and technique that allows you to transform conception into concrete.  And know that you are especially being held secure in these moments of struggle by the Creator himself, your senior partner in this unique relationship you have with Him as an artist.

And look forward with certainty, as you have experienced in the past, to the joy of your arrival to the light.

Spark on!


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