creative life: The Dog is Scratching Himself Bloody

30 Aug

Don’t worry – he’ll be okay.  Our Girl loves her dog – just has not had the time and presence of mind to deal fully with his situation.  And maybe for some good reasons.  Despite all of her efforts to maintain a healthy routine in support of the daily creative process, to value and cultivate balance so that her internal and external environments are conducive to positive thought, to relaxed and deliberate execution – despite all the long term benefits of healthy habit and balance – sometimes our Composer of Music for Art just needs to go over the edge.

What does that mean – going over the edge?  It means we have arrived at a juncture so critical, at a conception or technical or personal breakthrough so significant, that we must pursue it immediately, intensively, at all costs, to lock it in, to claim full ownership over it.

Last Friday our Lady had to drive to mom and dad’s house.  Time to pay the few times a year respect to her folks.  So, a good time for sitting in the car for 6 hours with a scratching dog and thinking the big thoughts.  And the big thoughts, by the way, might find some inspiration from an old standard in the motivational literature, made into an audiobook, called “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  It is highly recommended it for anyone who is interested in maximizing their creative and productive potential.

And this is very much what our Girl was about during the car ride – thinking in some detail, and in critical fashion, about just what it would take to make her art website a happening place.  the revelation for her occurred toward the end of the last of 4 CDs, where the discussion was about that “mountain” in front of you that constitutes a dealbreaking obstacle, a hurdle, a stumbling block.  All of us have fears, limitations, hangups, that can be surprisingly debilitating in terms of personal or commercial success.  So she was basically thinking honestly about what the “mountains” were, for her.  Well – fear of criticism, of rejection, unwillingness to share and work a project as a team.  laziness in terms of careful planning, in terms of setting definite goals and deadlines and working hard to meet those goals and deadlines.

and the result of this 6 hours or so of concentrated thought on the personal “mountains” resulted in some sincere determination to climb over or blast through, and to make the website project work.

this is one of those not so frequent turning point moments which call for a little extended care and feeding – perhaps at a greater expense than usual to everything else.  so while the dog is scratching frantically, and physical aches and pains are not being addressed, and your girlfriend/boyfriend is waiting, and the lawn is a jungle approaching the front door – we ignore all – and pound away at the project under the new rules of the game – i.e.  obsessive single mindedness.

there is a teaching that we should not be overly concerned with the negative impact on physical health that may result from intensive application to good works – in the realm of deed and study.  Though moderation in almost all things is generally recommended, on a regular basis, nevertheless you are made to create – to do work – to produce new things for this world.  you were not primarily made to be beautiful, or comfortable, or at ease, although we can value all those things as part of how we nurture ourselves long term.  but short term – sometimes, throw it all out the window and pound away at your work like there is no tomorrow and like it is life itself – because it is.

and you will sleep well tonight and the balance will come again – your girlfriend and boyfriend will welcome you and you will be full of great energy to share.  oh yes – there will still be a bit of flesh left on your dog – and you will figure that out too.

spark on (and on)


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