Creative Process: Systematic Spontaneity

27 Nov

There is some irony in the notion that the most effective road to spontaneity in our creative process is a well-ordered system and routine.

The term “spontaneity” itself is something of a misnomer.  What appears to be the inspired act, or thought, of the moment, proves upon reflection to be nothing of the sort – but rather the blossom on the branch on the tree that was planted from a seed, long ago.

There is no intention here to minimize those inspired moments in time when the artist brings forth something new, in thought and ultimately in form.  But our capacity as artists to arrive with greater frequency at those moments is tied to regular cultivation of seeds we planted (or were planted on our behalf) long ago.

Some of the “seeds” which we plant and cultivate as artists constitute the “system” for our creative work.  We find regular ways to nurture the body through good diet, exercise, sufficient sleep.  We find ways to nurture the spirit through philosophical study, prayer, good works.  We find ways to keep the intellect sharp through general study and curiosity about the world around us.  These are foundational components of a “system” which enables us to most effectively avail of those precious hours each day when we can touch brush to canvas, chisel to stone.

How about seeds directly associated with the particular creative work?  What might be the elements of a creative system which supports a blogger in his efforts to generate regular and effective posts?  Perhaps some time spent on term definitions – defining fundamental terminology used in the blog – might be helpful both to blogger and fan.

As an artist, you have arrived at a stage in your creative life where you are willing to examine the nuts and bolts of how your work most effectively comes together.  You have cultivated a patience, a value, even an interest in technical details which left you cold in your fiery youth!  Now your fires burn steadier, if not hotter.

How to start on such a process of analysis?  With baby steps, of course.  Take a breath, and look at what you are about right now, at this moment in time.  How does this moment in time relate to your creative work?

Enjoy this work which deepens self-knowledge and capacity for a productive, creative life.

Spark on.


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