Creative Process: Something Old, Something New

21 Feb

One of the most sustaining cyber-relationships Lolita enjoys is her online composers’ community at Recently Lolita received an e-mail from an electronica composer, Exfain, from Bielefeld, Germany with whom she has exchanged comments. Exfain shared appreciation for Lol’s stuff, but expressed regrets that the fit, for collaboration, was not good between the two composers – the genres being too dissimilar. Exfain did recommend an electronica musician who does more with incorporation of classical elements in his work – the German composer Schiller. An awesome Hamburg concert of Schiller from back in 2010 can be found at the following link: Schiller concert Hamburg 2010. Schiller’s electronica is rich, expressive, cognizant and embracing of traditional classical values: beauty of line, beauty of sound, adherence to formal aspects of introduction, exposition, development, recapitulation. But there is no doubt that we have entered Schiller’s world, not Beethoven’s. His electronica world is about engagement with technology, a search for new meanings and values. But his embrace of classical elements injects humanity, warmth, into a potentially cold, unsympathetic robotic terrain. His electronica world disengages us from our current environments, current paradigms, physical and mental. But his embrace of classical elements provides experiential reference points, anchors. Our historic roots are a good thing – they are tools allowed to us, allowed to ground us, even as we commence a challenging and potentially dangerous psychic journey. Recently Lolita was contemplating a playful floral abstract by the talented artist, Michael Strouth.

abstract painting of 3 sunflowers with blue leaves

Michael Strouth’s “3 Sunflowers”

Lolita was wondering just why the composer’s was working so well with this energetic abstract. Informed by her recent experience of the music of Schiller, it occurred to our Girl that the same incorporation of a traditional element and a non-traditional element were integrated to bring us magically into this other world, this world of fantastic, blue-leaved dancing flowers, fully animated and inviting us to join them in their celebration. Lolita shared her thoughts about this audio-visual pairing in a docent note at the Audio Sparks for Art website, and she begged that we might share the link to that post with you here. docent note: 3 sunflowers spark on! midisparks

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Posted by on February 21, 2013 in creative process


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