Sniffing Grass and Busting Roadblocks Part 2

06 Jun

raging vampiress bearing fangs and cleavage

Creative Roadblocks are frustrating Lolita

We rejoin our disoriented Vampiress and her Spaniel mentor in the midst of a walk and talk, with Deuce engaged in a particularly intense bit of sniffing.  Lolita’s complaint is a perceived deterioration in the quality and impact of recent musical compositions.  Specifically, our Blood Mistress has been delving into the ambient genre.  This is music which requires a slow, deliberate developmental pace, and particular attention to sound crafting.

It turns out our Spaniel Deuce is a huge fan of ambient music. For Deuce the ambient track is truly sound for sound’s sake. Or rather it is sound for the sake of everything around it – music without an ego you could say. The ambient track evolves slowly, patiently. It takes deep breaths and invites its listeners to do the same. The ambient track builds a world for you and then gently leads you through it.

All this, of course, is not achieved by a composer in a state of stress or duress! And Deuce understood as much, as he arrived at a particularly fragrant patch of lawn. Normally Lolita will tolerate the walk’s pauses for a few seconds and then tug Deuce along. Most of the time Deuce is cool and starts moving. This morning, however, was not one of those times. He sniffed. Lolita tugged. Deuce stood his ground. He grazed. Lolita tugged harder. No budging the Spaniel. “What’s UP with you this morning, Deuce?” Lolita exploded. “I need to fix a problem and you are just becoming another one!”

Vampiress looked down and Spaniel looked up. The twinkle in his eye was reflected by the tear forming in hers.

“Ms. Lolita,” Deuce offered. “Sometimes I just need to sniff a little more deeply. Sometimes I just need a few more seconds to feel that connection. It is a permission I give myself even at the expense of disobeying you. But today I pause for your sake, boss. Because you should also give yourself permission – permission to sniff more deeply at the things in life which give you pleasure. And if you have forgotten what gives you pleasure, take the time you need to explore and to rediscover.”

Another black mascara tear dropped. But it was a good thing, like something that needed to break so it could be fixed properly. “And Ms. L,” Deuce continued. “I know you broke from some of the beautiful rituals of your family which you cherished.  Perhaps you would consider revisiting some of those practices to remember what they achieved for you. As you give yourself this permission to drink fully from the nurturing cup, you will discover that what you touch, including your music, will be enriched by your own happy balance.”

“Oh, Deuce! You are such a pill, but how I love you.” The tears poured freely from Lol’s eyes now. But her sharp vision was not so clouded as to miss a hapless squirrel scooting by. Deuce dabbed fur and blood from the corner of her grateful smile.

Author’s Note: We are happy to report that Lolita slowed things down considerably recently and did in fact reconnect with her writing, a creative outlet which has given her great pleasure and which has always proven therapeutic.  Since her concern recently has been with the ambient genre, she chose a beautiful underwater image by photographer Warren Lo, an image rich in visual ambience, for the subject of a fully developed blog post at her AudioSparks Music for Art Blog.  The post came out rather nicely, and she wanted to share, so we provide image and link for our readers here.

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